Hidden soul

Name: Katherina/Kathrin/Kat.....
Animal Lover/ Pizza Lover/Space Lover
.......Music is life
.......In my free time I'd rather stay home with my friends and have fun...... Not a club person.
.....Note to me:
*I will make an effort to believe in my self now and forever cause i've been through alot lately *
~~~At the end of the day my family and my true friends know the kind of person that I really am~~~
Enjoy my blog ..-xx
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  • “ Όποια και να ήταν η κατάληξη, άτομα που σε έκαναν έστω και για μια στιγμή ευτυχισμένο θα σου λείπουν για πολύ καιρό… ”

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    This picture has been taken on the top of a cliff just between the Sydney Harbour and the Ocean. On one side there was the sunset and blue sky and on the other side you could have seen this landscape. A storm was coming and it was possible to see the rain falling down.

    Watson Bay, Sydney, Australia.

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